The Project and Dereham

Future Breckland: Thriving People & Places is intended to provide a robust evidence base and compelling shared vision for the future of the district, set in the context of significant projects we can deliver in each of our towns. Done right, this work will put Breckland's towns in pole-position to leverage new external funding whilst also using our shared resources better to deliver transformational change across the district.

It is really important that residents, community members and other stakeholders have the chance to take part and contribute to the work being undertaken, and there will be multiple opportunities to do so.

Draft Dereham Town Delivery Plan

Engagement events have now concluded and the publication of this document is now closed for discussion.

We believe the proposed plan represents the most effective representation of all the lessons we have learned during our engagement with Dereham's residents, stakeholders and businesses.

However, the successful delivery of this work will be very much reliant on the strength of the partnerships behind it. We thank all those who have taken the time to provide feedback and input on the plans in their draft form.

The document was publicly available for comment for six weeks, up until 30 September.

You can still access the draft, but we are no longer receiving formal feedback.

View the Draft Dereham Town Delivery Plan (PDF) [17MB] (opens new window)

Dereham engagement activity

Dereham Timetable

  • 19 April - Formal Dereham project launch, with public website and media release, open engagement via comments form and website begins.
  • 10 May - Online 'Meet the Team' open forum meeting for any interested stakeholders, including local Members, to hear more about the project and feed in initial ideas: View the  presentation slides (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) from this event.
  • 11 May - Town Council and Ward Member briefing session.
  • 13 May - Walking Workshops and Issues and Options Workshops with small groups from key areas of the Town
  • 17 June - Interventions Workshop - Members of the public were invited to come along and hear about the project ideas that are emerging for Dereham and contribute their views:  View the Interventions Workshop slides from this event. (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)
  • Now Closed - Dereham Town Delivery Plan was published for public feedback for a six-week period, link to the draft document can still be found above but we are no longer receiving formal feedback on the document.

As well as these events for people to share ideas and feedback in person, we also took comments and submissions throughout the project via an online survey and by meeting individually with key stakeholders to get a better feel for ideas and issues in the Town.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch with us at

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