Welfare burials

The Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984 places a statutory duty on Breckland District Council for registering the death and arranging the funeral of any person who has died within the borough of Breckland in cases where there are no known relatives or friends able to make the necessary arrangements. 

The council, along with many other local authorities, has been experiencing a huge rise in Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from companies offering to trace the next of kin of persons being buried under the Public Health Act 1948. In response to the volume of FOI requests on this subject the council has created this page to make public all cases it refers to the Treasury Solicitor. In this way the council has fulfilled its obligation under section 22 of the FOI Act (future publication) and will from this point forward refuse all such requests and refer applicants to this web page.

Name Born - DiedCost Next of Kin Treasury SolicitorTown/Village Burial 
 Rodney Cable 03/04/43 - 03/12/06 £761 YesNoThetford Burial
 Ronald Burke08/05/33 - 26/03/07£573 NoNoThetford Burial
 Arthur Ellender 16/02/38 - 29/01/09£989 NoNoDereham Burial
 Terrance Presant 12/05/46 - 04/12/09£2,300 YesYesHockering Cremation
 Mariusz Fidos01/06/76 - 20/12/09£1,613 YesNo  Cremation
 Pedro BrancoUnknown - 06/01/10£973 NoNoThetford Cremation
 George Dixon15/01/24 - 26/04/10£1,584 YesNoGt Hockham Cremation
 Pavel Sedlacek03/08/44 - 09/05/10£973 YesNo  Cremation
 Roger HardenUnknown - 20/10/10£1,025 YesNoAttleborough Cremation
 Danuta Drozdzynska 31/03/58 - 21/09/11£1,051 YesNoAttleborough Cremation
 Peter Kersey07/06/37 - 22/10/11£1,206 YesNoWatton Cremation
 Paulo Nicolau12/01/67 - 04/11/11£1,051 YesNoLitcham Cremation
 Edward Stopforth11/04/35 - 14/02/12£1,077 YesNoWatton Cremation
 Frederick Holland01/04/22 - 10/04/12£1,112 NoNoDereham Cremation
 Paulo Jorgie Ramos Henrique 20/10/66 - 21/07/12£995 YesNoThetford Cremation 
 Eileen GammansUnknown - 19/09/12£2,032 YesNoWatton Cremation
 Andrew CourtneyUnknown - 22/12/12£1,292 NoNoLongham Cremation
 William Bunting17/10/37 - 26/01/13£1,045 NoNoGuist Cremation
 Roburtus Cepkauskas16/03/80 - 22/02/13£1,045 YesNoNewmarket Cremation
 Laimutis Karsokas03/09/65 - 08/03/13£1,195 YesNoThetford Cremation
 Sean Lawrence25/04/66 - 27/01/13£1,045 NoNoScarningCremation
 Leslie Loades08/04/37 - 17/03/13£1,382 NoNoSwaffhamCremation
 Guy Morris19/05/35 - 04/03/14£1,095 NoNoAttleboroughCremation
 John Rand29/05/45 - 29/11/16£1,589 YesNoAttleboroughCremation
 Ivan Howes04/08/33 - 15/12/16£1,484.50 NoNoShrophamCremation
 Michael Holton13/01/36 - 01/01/17£1,464.50 YesNoWattonCremation
 Frank Warmer21/04/49 - 09/04/17£1,665.33 YesNoDerehamBurial
 Luis FelipeD'Oliviera Santos16/05/42 - 22/05/17£1,360 YesNoGressenhallCremation
 Margaret LathanUnknown - Unknown£1,213 YesNoDerehamCremation
 Michelle Ellis15/03/69 - 24/07/17£1,542.80 YesNoRockland All SaintsCremation
 John Fullbrook03/03/45 - 19/06/18£1,783.50 YesNoThetfordCremation
 Darren Cushion17/08/67 - 13/11/18£799 YesNoThetfordCremation
 Andrew Willis11/08/52 - 07/12/18£2,670 NoYesKenninghallCremation
 Richard Johnson30/11/59 - 09/01/19£1,000 YesNoBintreeCremation
 Paul Mcveigh10/10/39 - 17/02/19£1,983.50 NoNoScarningCremation
 Dariusz Borkowski10/06/66 - 09/07/19£1,540 YesNoThetfordCremation
 Raymond Challis27/12/41 - 02/11/19£2,024 YesNoAttleboroughCremation
 John RobertsUnknown - 13/11/19£1,064 NoNoThetfordCremation
 Philip Blackburn17/10/39 - 25/05/20£1,026 NoNoNorwichCremation
 John Andrews28/10/29 - 08/02/20£2,659 NoNoWattonCremation
 Ian Cruickshank Unknown - 05/06/20£1,897 NoNoThetfordCremation
 Stella Camacho25/12/39 - 16/07/20£1,495 NoNoGristonCremation
 Brian Wilson10/07/45 - 21/08/20£1,150 YesNoSwaffhamCremation
 Harvey BushUnknown - 17/09/20£1,200 YesNoAttleboroughCremation
 Timothy Howard19/09/65 - 06/10/20£1,000 YesNoWattonCremation
 Doreen Perry-Mason05/08/47 - 29/09/20£1,474.04 YesNoWeetingCremation
 Alan Francois30/11/40 - 26/10/20£845 NoNoWattonCremation
 Angela Roberts13/06/77 - 02/10/20£845 YesNoLyngCremation
 Pam Prior13/12/47 - 07/01/20£845 YesNoWhissonsettCremation

Breckland Council does not disclose last known address details and rely upon the following exemptions:

FOI Act 2000 Section 31(1) - law enforcement (prevention and detection of crime)

The deceased's property may be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased's personal papers and effects.

FOI Act 2000 Section 40(2)

Provides an absolute exemption where disclosure of personal data about individuals would contravene any of the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 2018. Disclosure of addresses may affect living individuals. We do not believe that living individuals currently residing at the addresses where the deceased persons lived would expect their personal data to be made available in the public domain without their consent.

Section 22 of the FOI Act

Any FOI requests received in relation to these matters received prior to the next planned publication date will be refused using the exemption under Section 22 of the FOI Act as it is information that we hold with the intention of publishing at some future (pre-scheduled) date. The existing information available to you demonstrates that the council has a process in place to regularly and routinely publish this information. The council recognises that at times information outside of this routine publication may be requested and that the council should be open and transparent in its operations and more up to date information may assist this. The information is, however, freely available on the council's website, and there is a statutory duty and timescale for publication. In accordance with the publication schedule quality and accuracy of information is checked. To provide information outside of this schedule may impede the process and potentially impact on the quality and accuracy of the material disclosed. As a consequence, having considered the balance of public interest in favour of both withholding and disclosing information, the council considers that the arguments in favour of maintaining the exemption outweigh the arguments in favour of disclosing it.

Norfolk Registry Office

Register a death with Norfolk Registration offices (opens new window) .

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