Forget me Not Grant

What is the Forget me Not Grant?

The Forget me Not Grant is a grant of up to £500 aimed at low level early interventions for people experiencing symptoms of Dementia. The Grant is available across Norfolk and funded jointly by all seven district authorities

Aims of the Forget me Not Grant

The grant aims to assist people living with Dementia to maintain a safe, decent and warm home and helps to reassure those who care for them that the grant will help them achieve this.

The grant also looks to promote independence and support people living with Dementia in the community by providing help such as:

  • Signage on doors
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Safety cut outs
  •  Water level detectors

When a person is authorised to receive the Forget me Not grant they are giving authorisation for any works to be carried out as part of the grant.


Eligibility for the grant does not require a full diagnosis however the person must have symptoms associated with Dementia that is affecting their daily lives. Any aids/adaptations must be related to a problem or problems relating to those symptoms.

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Last updated: 02/08/2021 10:05:39