Housing Register Changes

What if my circumstances change?

If there is any change in your circumstances that may affect your priority on the Housing Register and may require your application moving to a different band, then you must access your application form using your login name and password to update the details on your on-line application form.

What is classed as a change of circumstances?

Examples of changes in circumstances are detailed below, although this is not an exhaustive list;

  • People joining or leaving the household
  • Pregnancy or birth of a child
  • A member of the household now applying in their own right
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Change in medical circumstances
  • Death of a household member

What if my contact details change?

It is very important that you can be contacted quickly. If the contact details you supplied when you registered with the scheme are no longer up to date then you must amend these details by going on to the website and changing the details on your on-line application form. If you successfully bid for a property and cannot be contacted, you will lose the opportunity of being offered the property.

You will need to report any changes via ouronline portal

Last updated: 18/06/2020 07:57:15