Housing Strategy

Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2017-2021

Overview of the Housing and Homelessness Strategy

The Council's Housing and Homelessness Strategy is an over-arching document that reviews all housing related issues in Breckland. It sets out housing strategic approach, and also establishes priorities for action. The strategy reflects national and local developments as well as taking into account recent changes to legislation.

Our Priorities 

Looking at the challenges that the Council particularly need to address over the next four years the strategy has identified three main objectives that together will contribute to achieving our longer- term outcomes and vision:

1.     Preventing homelessness

2.     Improving health outcomes by improving our housing

3.     Supporting housing growth

The Council cannot achieve these in isolation; we need a range of partners to work with us in delivering these objectives. The Council has therefore developed this strategy in consultation with many other agencies and across the Council.

The Breckland Housing and Homelessness Strategy is intended to benefit everyone who lives in Breckland.  It does not only focus upon addressing housing need, but it also focuses upon the role that housing will play in meeting the wider aspirations of the district, including economic and social ambitions

Our Housing and Homelessness Strategy is available to download Icon for pdf Housing Strategy 2017 [1.81MB].


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