Ready for Winter

For emergency closures and information on what to do during wintery weather please see ourWinter Weather Emergency Updates page.

Severe weather can affect parts of Norfolk in different ways, and at different times of the year.

We have prepared advice and frequently asked questions to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in winter during bad weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my neighbours fence has fallen down?
- Speak to your neighbour or if unsure who this is contact the Land Registry on 0300 006 0411 orvisit the GOV.UK website Land Registry information

I'm worried that a tree is going to fall down in the wind.
- To find out who owns the tree please contact Breckland on 01362 656870. This could be the responsibility of Norfolk County Council Highways 0344 800 8020.

Can I request sandbags?
- If your property at immediate risk of flooding Breckland can provide Sandbags as long as the property is occupied. If there is no immediate risk sandbags can be purchased at most DIY and builders stores.

A tree/branch has fallen down blocking a footpath/road?
- To find out who is responsible for the footpath contact Breckland on 01362 656870. If on a public highway, this needs to be reported to Norfolk County Council Highways Department on 0344 800 8020

My property is flooding, who do I call?
- If there is any risk of danger to people, property or the environment from floodwater you should not hesitate to ring 999. Breckland Council has a small supply of sand bags, which can be provided to residents in an emergency, however sandbags can only be provided to residents whose house is in imminent danger of internal flooding - we cannot help in the protection of gardens, outbuildings or garages.

The road is flooded, who do I call?
- Norfolk County Council Highways 0344 800 8020

If you would like to report a fallen tree pleasevisit the Norfolk County Council Report a Highways Problem page.

Prepare for winter

Driving Advice

Advice on how to travel safely in different weather conditions


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