Recycling Stars

Residents of Watton can earn a cash prize for your school by recycling correctly!

Recycling StarA new vouchers for schools scheme is about to start in Watton and Carbrooke called 'Recycling Stars'. Recycle the correct items in your black wheelie bin and you will be rewarded you with a recycling star voucher.

You will have until 16 March to take stars to a collection point and support a participating local school. The Schools will each receive £500 for reaching a minimum target of stars collected and the school with the most tokens* will be awarded an additional £500.

Vouchers will be issued between 16 Oct - 15 Dec 2017 and then again between 22 Jan - 09 March 2018. 

Please note; there will be an additional delivery of stars on Friday 23rd March to replace the missed delivery on Friday 9th Feb, therefore Wednesday 28th  March new deadline for returning stars to the collection points. 

Collection points are:

  • Watton Westfield Infants School and Nursery
  • Wayland Junior Academy
  • St. Peter & St. Paul Carbrooke Church of England Primary School
  • Watton Library
  • Watton Sports Centre

Further information about the right things to recycle please visit: What can I put in my bins? 

So where does my recycling go? Items you place in your recycle bin at home go to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Costessey, just outside Norwich. Watch this Video to see what happens when it gets there.

If you do not recycle correctly your bin will not be emptied and you will not receive a star voucher, a 'Sorry, you missed out' card will be left on bins advising you of the items that can be recycled. 

If you need further advice please email or call 01362 656870. This project is run in partnership with Norfolk County Council.


*A weighting will be applied to take account of school size