Statutory Officer Positions

The Council is required to have the following statutory officer positions within its structure.

Head of Paid Service

This position is held by Nathan Elvery

Section 151 Officer

This position is held by Christine Marshall

Monitoring Officer

This position is held by Maxine O'Mahony

Data Protection Officer

This position is held by Mark Stinson

Please note if you wish to make a complaint please use our online complaint procedure rather than emailing the manager directly as unfortunately you will be redirected to use this service report a complaint online

Contact Details for Senior Officers

Nathan Elvery - Head of Paid Service (

Maxine O'Mahony - Executive Director Strategy and Governance (

Christine Marshall - Executive Director Commercialisation (S151) (

Rob Walker - Executive Director Place (

Mark Stinson - Executive Manager Governance (

Sarah Barsby - Executive Manager for Information (

Matthew Hogan - Executive Manager Growth (

Jason Cole- Executive Manager People and Innovation (

Richard Hodgson - Executive Manager for Property and Development (

Riana Rudland - Breckland Place Manager (

Greg Pearson - Senior Policy Advisor (

Rory Ringer - Democratic Services Manager (

Matthew Barnard - Communications Manager (

Ralph Burton - Strategic Property Manager (

Richard Shepherd - Central Contracts and Procurement Manager (

Jenny Stephens - Programme Delivery Manager (

Donna Hall - Licensing and Business Support Manager (

Richard Boole - Environmental Protection Manager (

Craig Fowler - Environmental Health, Training and Consultancy Manager (

Sarah Shipley - Public Protection Manager (

Susie Richardson - HR Manager (

Jason Tillyard - IT Manager (

Alison Chubbock - Chief Accountant and Deputy S151 Officer (

Stephen James - Communities Manager (

Gill Duffy - Housing Manager (

Simon Taylor-Avery - Facilities Manager (

Cassie Ruffell - Regeneration Manager (

Adele Newsome - Customer Experience Manager (

Simon Wood - Director of Planning & Building Control  (

Rebecca Collins - Head of Development Management ( )

Andrew D'Arcy - Planning Policy Manager (

Stephen Scowen - Major Projects Delivery Manager (

Andrew Holdsworth - Inward Investment Manager (

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