Universal Credit

The Department for Work and Pensions have issued advice on their website concerning CoronaVirus and claiming benefits.

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment for working age people who are looking for work or on a low income. It has been rolled out across the country and was introduced in our area to the Dereham Job Centre in June 2018. It was rolled out to the Thetford Job Centre in September 2018.

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It is very important to note that the change to Universal Credit only affects new claimants. If you already claim benefits (regardless of your Breckland postcode) you will remain under the previous system for now and you do not need to do anything. If your circumstances change (for example, you get a job but later become unemployed so need to submit a new benefit claim) then you will need to claim Universal Credit.

You are able to view some helpful information regarding Universal Credit by following the links below:

Or watch the following video on YouTube which shows how to open a Universal Credit account:

People living in Supported Accommodation may still be able to apply for Housing Benefit. The rules regarding this are complex and if you think you are living in supported accommodation, please speak to your Landlord, orcontact us, to confirm.

People living in Temporary Accommodation, that have been placed there by Breckland Council, will still need to apply for Housing Benefit for help with their housing costs, Universal Credit for help with daily living costs may need to be claimed alongside Housing Benefit.

5 reasons Universal Credit will help you move back into work and #makeyourmoneygofurther

  1. Universal Credit is a single monthly payment that will be paid similar to a wage, this will enable you to prepare for the world of work.
  2. Universal Credit claims are assessed using a real time information system which tracks your earnings through the Pay as you earn system. This means your monthly payment will be amended to top up your benefit should your earnings drop.
  3. Universal Credit applicants are more attractive to employers. This is because you are not at risk of coming off one benefit, and moving onto another, and creating complex in and out of benefit systems. Universal Credit tracks your earnings from employment and adjusts to top up your benefit should your earnings drop. This means you are now able to consider working on a varied hours contract, safe in the knowledge this will not create complex in and out of benefit situations. Your Universal Credit will just track your earnings and adjust accordingly.
  4. Universal Credit applicants can benefit from a financial health check via the Local Authority. Instead of checking various money saving websites, we have enlisted the help of Citizens Advice to help you #makeyourmoneygofurther. Simply discuss making your money go further with your work coach and you will be given a free meeting with Citizens Advice.
  5. Universal Credit accounts will be available to view online similar to online banking. This will enable you to notify of changes to your circumstance in real time and allow you to check payments and awards as and when you can, rather than having to phone or make an appointment with your work coach.

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