5. How we make decisions

5.1  Timetable of council meetings

The calendar of meetings shows the dates and times of committee meetings is available online.

Please note that meeting dates and times do occasionally change, please refer to 5.2 below to confirm the details of a particular meeting you wish to attend or contact

5.2  Agendas, officer's reports, background papers and minutes of meetings

Details of all the agendas, papers, reports and minutes are available on the Council's website.  Please note that some of the information may be exempt from publication under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972.

View Council and Democracy page

5.3  Major policy proposals and decisions

The relevant committee would agree all major policies and strategies and the details can be found in the committee papers section of the website.

There is a section on the website that describes the decision-making process at the Council.

5.4  Facts considered when framing major policies

All major policies and strategies, and the facts and reasons behind them, would be agreed by the relevant committee.The details can either be found in the committee papers section of the website.

5.5  Public consultations

We regularly consult with residents, the public and people who use our services.Details of any current public consultations can be found on our website.

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