Customer Charter

Right Treatment. You can trust us to:

  • Do what we say we will.
  • Be helpful, polite and treat you fairly and with respect.
  • Try to understand your circumstances.
  • Follow procedures correctly.
  • Tell you what to do next if you're not satisfied with how you've been treated.
  • Protect your personal information.

Keeping you informed. We will:

  • Deal with your request the first time you contact us, or as soon as we can.
  • Tell you what will happen next, and by when.
  • Keep you updated of progress.

Get it right. We will:

  • Deliver what we promise, consistently.
  • Put things right if we get them wrong, and apologise.
  • Explain things clearly.
  • Improve by listening to our customers.

Easy Access. We will:

  • Make more of our services available online for you to use at times that suit you.
  • Help you get online.
  • Explain clearly how to contact us in other ways.

In return we expect our customers to:

  • Respect our employees.
  • Help us save money by using our online services, where possible.
  • Recycle, where you can.
  • Tell us what you think of our services in a constructive way.


Last updated: 21/03/2024 15:56:44