Guidance for Fly-tip evidence gathering procedure

  1. If you wish to check a fly-tip for evidence, ensure that you have considered your own safety.
  2. If evidence is visible upon early inspection, please take 2 images of the fly-tip from different angles, demonstrating the surrounding area (e.g. a road, woodland, car park etc) and the size of the fly-tip.
  3. Include close-up images of any items that may be significant such as cardboard packaging with addresses and packaging with reference numbers etc.
  4. If small documents, photos, or any other items are found amongst waste then please take a photo of these while they are still amongst the waste.
  5. If possible, place any evidence within a container or bag and avoid touching by hand and keep it safe in a dry location.
  6. Report the incident as fly-tipping or litteringusing our Report it page with as much detail as possible and include the images within the report.

Last updated: 10/05/2021 08:39:18