Key Decision Plan

The Key Decision Plan is a record of all key decisions the Council and Executive expects to make in the next twelve months and is updated and published monthly.

The purpose of the Key Decision Plan is to give advance notice of the key decisions that the Council is likely to make in the future.

The Government introduced the requirement for councils to produce Plans, with the aim of making local decision making more open and transparent for the public, and making the decision makers more accountable to the public.

The information that is recorded about each decision includes a brief description of the

  • Matter on which the decision will be made
  • Decision that will be taken by the Council
  • Date or period in which the decision is likely to be made
  • Consultation with groups of people and/or other organisations that will be carried out before the decision will be taken
  • Background documents available to the person or Committee making the decision (this will also show if these background papers are confidential)
  • Person or Committee making the decision, i.e. the Cabinet, an Executive Member alone or an officer under Delegated Powers


What are key decisions?

A key decision means a decision which, in relation to an Executive Function, has a significant effect on communities in two or more Wards of the Council and/or is likely to result in the Authority incurring expenditure or making savings in any single financial year above £250,000.

Who makes key decisions?

Key decisions can only be made by the Executive, which is made up of the Cabinet and individual Executive Members. Decisions taken by other Committees such as the Development Control Committee, General Purposes Committee and Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee are not key decisions.

What happens if a key decision is not published on the Plan?

If a key decision has to be taken at short notice and has not been included on the Key Decision Plan, the decision can still be taken as long as there has been three clear days' notice to the Council's Scrutiny Committee and the public. If three clear days' notice isn't possible, a key decision can still be made as long as the Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee agrees that the decision is urgent.

Why does it matter to me?

Members of the public or other interested parties can make representations on any matter that is listed on the Key Decision Plan.

Representations should be made via email at least one week before the date or period in which the decision is likely to be made to

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