Can I have Gaming and Gaming Machines on my premises?

You are only permitted to provide gaming if your premises has an alcohol licence and has a bar from where alcohol is served for consumption on the premises (and not with a requirement that alcohol is only served with food).

The type of gaming allowed is known as 'exempt gaming', the gaming must meet a number of conditions:

  • It must be equal chance gaming (e.g. bingo, bridge, poker)
  • Stakes and prizes must be within the limits stated in the Act
    • Limits are a stake of £5.00 per person, per game (not per hand)
    • Aggregate stakes for poker is £100.00 per day for each premises
    • There are no limits on stakes for dominoes and cribbage
  • No amount can be deducted from amounts staked or won
  • No participation fees can be charged
  • The games must be played on one premises (e.g. no linked games between premises)
  • Children and young people are excluded from participation

If these conditions are not met a licence is required under the Gambling Act, pleasecontact us for further information on applying for a licence.

Premises that are licensed to sell or supply alcohol for consumption on the premises are entitled to have up to two gaming machines (category C or category D) on the premises without applying for a permit or licence. 

If you currently hold a Premises Licence and would like to provide gaming machines (subject to being under the correct category) you are required to notify Breckland Council's Licensing Team and pay a notification fee.  For more than two gaming machines you will need to apply for alicensed premises gaming machine permit, pleasecontact us for details.

Last updated: 23/07/2020 10:23:35