Land Charges

We are now accepting Land Charges Searches but we presently have an unusually high level being submitted but due to Covid-19 we have had to adapt to new methods of working and have introduced measures to ensure the safety of our staff.  Searches will be responded to as soon as possible but they will be processed in order of date following acceptance/payment.

With this in mind we would respectfully ask that you do not email us for an update - responding to emails causes further delays in our abilities to process the land search enquiries as promptly as possible

Thank you in advance for your continued patience and support through these extraordinary times. 

The Local Land Charges team is responsible for the maintenance of the Local Land Charges Register and the administration and co-ordination of all official Local Searches carried out in the Breckland area; requirements for conveyancing are satisfied by the submission of a Local Search.

How to make a search

How to make a Land Search

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Last updated: 18/03/2021 14:53:20