The Project and Attleborough

Future Breckland: Thriving People & Places is intended to provide a robust evidence base and compelling shared vision for the future of the district, set in the context of significant projects we can deliver in each of our towns. Done right, this work will put Breckland's towns in pole-position to leverage new external funding whilst also using our shared resources better to deliver transformational change across the district.

It is really important that residents, community members and other stakeholders have the chance to take part and contribute to the work being undertaken, and there will be multiple opportunities to do so.

Engagement activities for Attleborough will begin in November (date TBC), with the first event, a 'Meet the Team' session with consultants Hatch and We Made That.

Attleborough Engagement Events

Engagement will initially be online due to Covid restrictions. Where individuals are not able to engage digitally, we will ensure paper forms are available. Key planned activity includes:

  • 'Meet the Team' virtual session
  • Two themed virtual SWOT workshop events on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats: Will be announced during the Meet The Team event, where members of the public can express an interest in attending 
  • Virtual workshop to feedback on emerging ideas

Further details on how to sign up for each event will be posted here throughout the engagement process.

Tell Us What You Think

As well as events for people to share ideas and feedback in person, we will also be taking comments and submissions throughout the project including:

  • There will be an online survey live soon for you to share your views
  • Feedback will be invited on draft plans and ideas, when they have been developed
  • Anyone is free to get in touch with the project at
  • Paper copies of documents will be made available to anyone who cannot easily access them online

The project team will also be meeting individually with key stakeholders to get a better feel for ideas and issues in the Town.

Attleborough Timetable

Please check back for updates and dates for each engagement event, which will be posted here.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch with us at

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