Community Fridges

Community Fridge  Food is a popular way many of us socialise and we spend a good amount of time and money on it. Yet 15 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year. That's the same weight as 2 million double decker buses. The average UK family wastes £470 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been eaten, and £3 billion is wasted by food sectors.

Despite growing awareness of food waste, there are few easy ways for people or businesses to get food near its 'sell by' date to others. So far Community Fridges have helped thousands connect to their communities, access nutritious food, save money and reduce waste.

There are currently four Community Fridges in Breckland and all welcome food contributions from businesses and individuals. 

Dereham Community Fridge

  • Green Pastures Bookshop, 20 Norwich Street, Dereham, NR19 1DB

Swaffham Community Fridge

  • Iceni Community Centre, Campingland, Swaffham, PE37 7RB

Thetford Community Fridge

  • Abbey Community Centre, Exeter Way, Thetford IP24 1EE

Charles Burrell Centre

  • Charles Burrell Centre, Stainforth Road, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3LH

Wayland Community Fridge

  • Wayland House, High Street, Watton, Norfolk, IP25 6AR

Foods that would be welcomed in the fridge are:  ✓Sealed  packaged  foods✓Cheeses✓Fresh  fruit✓Fresh  vegetables✓Table  sauces✓Pastry✓Unopened  pasteurised  milk  and  yogurt✓Unopened  fruit  juices✓Salads✓Fresh  eggs  (traceable  Lion  stamped  eggs  with  clean  shells  and  a  use-by  date)

Please do not donate: COOKED  FOOD From  your  home  or  unregistered  sources: Bean Sprouts, Cooked  RICE Products, Raw Milk or chesses, unpasteurised  milk, Pates, Products which  could  contain  any  of  the  above  ingredients,  Unlabelled  multiple  ingredient  items

    For more information on making a donation or enjoying food from your local fridge please contact them directly. 

    Last updated: 30/10/2020 11:04:28