Local Discretionary Rate Relief (LDRR)


On 16th May 2019, Breckland Council approved a policy to allow the granting of local discretionary rate relief (LDRR) for National Non Domestic Rates, more commonly known as Business Rates.

The main objective of the policy is to stimulate economic growth across the Breckland District by incentivising and supporting businesses to move to newly constructed business premises within the Breckland District as part of their expansion plans.

The amount and duration of any rates relief granted is entirely at the discretion of Breckland Council, with the upper limit set by current State Aid regulations which allow businesses to receive up to €200,000 of 'de-minimis' aid within a rolling three year period.

Award Criteria

The Council will consider the following matters when considering an application for business rates relief under this policy:

  1. How does the proposed business growth expansion benefit those living and working in the Breckland District and the local Breckland economy?

Applications will be considered favourably where they provide significant, quality employment opportunities; benefit the local supply chain; and align with Breckland's key growth sectors. Additional consideration will be given to applications which propose to build or occupy significant new business premises within the Breckland District, providing they bring a corresponding benefit to the local economy.

Breckland's key growth sectors are 'advanced engineering and manufacturing', 'agri-food and agri-tech', and 'clean-tech'.

2. Does the business create or support opportunities for education and training?

A highly skilled workforce is a foundation of a successful local economy. The applicant should demonstrate a commitment to upskilling its current and future workforce.

3. Will the premises be occupied immediately?

Businesses should be able to commit to occupying the premises as soon as they are ready for occupation.

4. Is the business ratepayer eligible for any other mandatory or discretionary relief?

LDRR is unlikely to be granted if the business ratepayer is entitled to other mandatory or discretionary relief.

5. Is the property a new entry on the Breckland business rates list (or will it be when completed)?

LDRR is unlikely to be granted on existing premises where business rates are already being paid.

6. Is the business re-locating from elsewhere in the Breckland district?

LDRR is unlikely to be granted where a business is relocating from an existing property in the Breckland District where business rates is already payable, unless the relocation is to a substantially larger premises, or where an additional premises is being occupied as part of the business's expansion.

Application Process

The application form is availableonline.

If you have any questions prior to making an application, please contact:

Cassie Ruffell

Regeneration Manager

Email: cassie.ruffell@breckland.gov.uk

Last updated: 03/06/2020 15:12:25