Local Discretionary Rate Relief (LDRR)


The aim of the Local Discretionary Rate Relief (LDRR) scheme is to support potential inward investment and stimulate economic growth within Breckland. With the possibility of rate relief being granted if doing so is in the interest of the Council Tax payer, and is supportive of locally determined criteria that help to deliver on Breckland's growth objectives.

Award Criteria

The Council will consider the following matters when considering an application for business rates relief under this policy:

  1. How does the proposed business relocation/expansion, and the granting of rate relief, benefit those living and working in Breckland?
    Applications will be considered favourably where they provide significant, quality employment opportunities; benefit the local supply chain; and align with Breckland's key growth sectors. Additional consideration will be given to applications which propose to build or occupy significant new business premises within the Breckland District, providing they bring a corresponding benefit to the local economy
  2. How many FTE jobs will be created/supported? What will the average salary of these be?
  3. Does the business create or support opportunities for education and training?
    A highly skilled workforce is a foundation of a successful local economy. The applicant should demonstrate a commitment to upskilling its current and future workforce.
  4. Is the business ratepayer eligible for any other mandatory or discretionary relief?
    LDRR is unlikely to be granted if the business ratepayer is entitled to other mandatory or discretionary relief.
  5. Is the property a new entry on the Breckland business rates list (or will it be when completed)?
    LDRR is unlikely to be granted on existing premises where business rates are already being paid.
  6. Is the business re-locating from elsewhere in the Breckland district?
    LDRR is unlikely to be granted where a business is relocating from an existing property in the Breckland District where business rates is already payable, unless the relocation is to a substantially larger premises, or where an additional premises is being occupied as part of the business's expansion
  7. How will your business support the Net Zero and decarbonisation agenda? 
    This question is applicable to those businesses relocating to the Snetterton Heath Employment Zone. Important for applicants to set out their needs in regard to power, water, etc. and there plans to offset carbon emissions and reduce their environmental impact.

Snetterton Heath Employment Zone (SHEZ)

All businesses that are relocating to the Snetterton Heath Employment Zone (SHEZ) are entitled to a 20% rate relief as minimum standard for 6 months.  An online application form will still need to be completed to access this relief.

Businesses relocating to the SHEZ may apply for rate relief above the standard 20%, and this will be considered, depending on the extent to which the criteria set out above are met.

The area referred to as Snetterton Heath Employment Zone (SHEZ) is set out in the map below and includes all areas highlighted in yellow and purple:

Snetterton Heath Employment Zone (SHEZ)

If you are interested in making an application, then we advise you discuss this with our team first - please email: businessdevelopment@breckland.gov.uk

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