Property Name Choice

Any Property name must:-

  • Not be offensive.
  • Not have hidden meaning.
  • Not be misconstrued.
  • Not give rise to spelling or pronunciation difficulties and not contain any punctuation.
  • Not create an inappropriate address.
  • Not duplicate or be similar to an existing property name on a same/similar street name that is within the same postal town.
  • Not be within 1500 meters of a same/similar property name.
  • Not duplicate or be similar to the name of the street on which they are located or any adjacent street name.
  • Not repeat the name of any Parish, Town, Village or locality within the Breckland District.
  • Not start with a number, either numeric (ie: "1") or textural (ie: "one").

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Last updated: 21/02/2024 11:16:02