Street Name Choice

Any street name must:-

  • Not encourage defacing.
  • Not be offensive, not have hidden meaning, not be misconstrued, not be difficult to say/spell, not create an inappropriate address, not have any punctuation.
  • Not sound/look similar or be the same as an existing street in the same postal town or any existing street in any surrounding Parish to the new street.
  • Not be same or similar to any property name on or adjacent to the new street.
  • Not repeat the name of any Parish, Town, Village or Locality in the Breckland District.
  • Not start with a number, either numeric (ie; "1") or textural (ie; "one").
  • Not be same even with different suffix (ie; Birch Close, Birch Road, Birch Avenue etc.)
  • Not end in "S" where it can be construed as a possessive or plural. Only exception is where a person name is being used subject to the "S" being the official part of that person's name (ie;: Morris).
  • Not be a Full Persons name, only first name or surname, not both.
  • Not allow Multiple Person names on one street.
  • Not start with a prefix of Doctor, Lord, Sir, Captain, Admiral etc.


Please be aware that:-

  • The street name ending (ie; Close, Drive) will be determined by us and may not be the same as that submitted.
  • If choosing a person name you must seek permission from the majority of living relatives, local residents and Parish/Town Council to avoid causing any ill feeling. Evidence of the permission must be copied to the Street Naming and Numbering team for possible verification together with evidence of how that person has benefited/contributed to the local village/area.
  • When using a person name the "S" rule above still applies.

Further information and guidance notes can be found below;

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Last updated: 21/02/2024 11:15:27