Transforming Breckland

As a forward-thinking council, we're always looking at how we can work smarter and more efficiently to achieve our vision for Breckland to be a place of opportunity and ambition for everyone.

Like all councils, we need to save money and be efficient, while continuing to deliver value-for-money services that meet residents' needs. We want to continue to be an innovative council, delivering services differently to make the most of new technologies and more resourceful ways of working.

To achieve this, we need to transform the way we work as a council: your council. Transforming Breckland keeps you updated and informed on these changes and allow you to access more council services when and how you prefer.

The magazine is posted to residents three times a year. If you can't wait to receive your printed copy, you can read an online version below - select the 'click to read' button' in the centre of the page to expand the magazine to a bigger size:

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