Dog and Litter Bins

You are able to report a problem with a dog or litter bin on ourreport a bin problem page.

Guidance for the installation of litter and dog waste bins


This guidance has been produced to give useful information to interested parties before the installation of litter and dog waste bins. The guidance note helps address the issues and factors that are considered before a bin installation and if our waste contractor will be able to empty it.

Environmental Services will only consider adding new bins to the emptying schedule, if they are situated on the public highway.

Requests for new bins

  • Breckland council does not provide bins or funds for parish councils to buy bins.
  • Breckland Council is not responsible for cleansing of Parish owned land and are therefore unable to accept bins sited on parish land to our emptying schedules.
  • Request for new bins on Norfolk County Council (NCC) land require direct contact with NCC as it issues licences for items installed on its land. Please note the licence indemnifies NCC for any incident resulting from the fixture.
  • Please get it touch with Breckland Council early on in the process to confirm the suitability of a proposed location.

Logistics and maintenance

  • Easy and good access is essential, not only for opening the bin, but also access to the place where the bin is installed.
  • The bins that are bought by parish councils, need to be maintained and any insurance remains the liability of the original purchaser.
  • Town and parish councils that purchase bins will need to indemnify Breckland Council against any maintenance, loss or accident resulting from a bin installation.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of the bins include ensuring the suitable access to the bins.
  • If relevant staff identify bins that are damaged or need replacing, they will need to notify the relevant party. Please note in the event of an immediate or serious risk to a member of the public or the operative, Breckland reserve the right to cover a bin to prevent further use and refuse to empty the bin.


Breckland Council and the waste contractor reserve the right to refuse to collect from a bin if it has been installed in an impractical place or at an unacceptable height or manner.

Bin types

Please find links below to most common manufacturers we come across:




Contact Breckland Council for more details regarding the recommended type of bin that should be purchased.

Frequency of Emptying

  • Bins that are installed in high footfall town centres are emptied on a daily basis. In the outlying areas of a town these collections are less frequent and should take place 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Bins in villages are usually emptied once a week or fortnight depending on usage.
  • Please note that bins can get mis-used, being filled with household waste or fly tipping. The parties are liable for reporting these incidents.

Contact Details

For any further information or clarification on this guidance please contact Environmental Services at :


Telephone: 01362 656870

Last updated: 09/11/2020 08:44:37