1. Transparency Code Data and Information

1.1     Expenditure exceeding £500

We as a Council believe that it is important to be open and transparent with our local residents in terms of how we spend our money. The information provided will include:

  • transactions for invoice values greater than £500 to external suppliers

This information can be found on our Council Expenditure page.

1.2      Government Procurement Card transactions

As a Council, we also publish details of every transaction on a Government Procurement Card.This data can be found on our website.

1.3      Procurement information

As part of the Transparency Code, local authorities are required to publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts with a value that exceeds £5,000.

Local authorities must also publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000. This information is published quarterly and can befound on the Council's Contracts Register.

1.4      Local authority land

Breckland's land asset register is updated annually and can be found on our transparency webpage.

1.5      Social housing asset value

Breckland Council is not a stock holding authority.

1.6      Organisation chart

An Organisation Chart can be found as part of our Constitution underneath the heading 'Management Structure'.

1.7      Trade union facility time

Information around trade union facility time can be found on our website,

1.8      Parking account

Car parking is free in all of our Breckland owned car parks.

1.9   Parking spaces

We provide a list of our car parks in the districts, their locations and how many spaces there are at each.

View Car Park information

1.10     Senior salaries

The Council publishes information relating to senior salaries within the Pay Policy Statement that can be found on our website.

1.11     Council Constitution

The Council's constitution consists of a number of documents that, under the Local Government Act 2000, are required to be brought together and made available for public inspection. The articles of the constitution set out the basic principles that underlie the way the council operates. The other parts of the constitution includes details of the council and the committees to which the council has delegated various powers and the functions that are the responsibility of the executive (Cabinet); the terms of reference of the various committees and other bodies, the standing orders that regulate the proceedings at meetings; financial regulations; the code of practice for the procurement of works, supplies and services; code of conduct for members and employees; the schedule for the payment of member's allowances; and a description of the management structure of the council's workforce.

More information can be found on our Council Information page.

1.12     Pay multiple

The Council's pay multiple is referred to within the yearly Pay Policy Statement which can be found on our website,

1.13     Fraud

In line with the Transparency Code, local authorities must publish information regarding their counter fraud work.This information is published on our website,

1.14     Waste contracts

Details of the Council's waste collection contracts can be found on our Contracts Register.

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