6. Our policies and procedures

6.1  Policies and procedures for conducting council business

There are a number of procedures around how the Council conducts its business, including codes of practice, procedural standing orders, delegated decision-making and authority, communication between councillors and staff, code of conduct for councillors and staff, terms of reference for committees, rights of the public at meetings.

These are found in the Council's Constitution.

6.2  Recruitment and employment of staff

The Council advertises vacancies on its website.

You will also find guidance such as applicants' information, staff benefits and our training services online.

6.3  Complaints Process

The Council is committed to providing quality services.We have a formal complaints procedure; see our compliments, complaints and suggestions page.

6.4  Records management and personal data policies

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, anyone can request information from the Council provided there is no legal reason why it should not be released.  Information concerning the environment will be processed under the Environmental Information Regulations.

Further information can be found online.

If the information is personal information, the request will be processed under the Data Protection Act.

Details of our Personal Data Protection Principles are available on our website.

6.5  Planning Policy

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for preparing documents setting out the Councils approach to the management of development in the District. This involves preparing plans containing policies and proposals that set out what can be built and where. There are two main levels of planning guidance, National Planning Policy Framework and Local Development Framework.

Further information can be found on our website.

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