7. Lists and registers

7.1  Corporate Asset Management Strategy

This plan is a high-level summary of the Council's approach to the strategic management of its land and building assets.

The strategy can be viewed online.

7.2  Register of councillors' financial and other interests

All Members of the Council are required by law to register their financial and other interests. The Register is maintained by the Monitoring Officer and is available for inspection by the public, free of charge, during office hours.

Further information on each or our Councillors can be found online.

7.3  Register of gifts and hospitality

Councillors and staff are required to record any gifts or hospitality they receive and the Monitoring Officer at the Council maintains a register.

The register is available for inspection by the public, free of charge, during office hours and further information can be found online.

7.4  Licensing & Planning Registers

The Council is responsible for issuing and maintaining licences for a wide range of subjects.

Further information on our licensing registers can be found on our website.

There is a wide range of planning information on our website.

Here you can also search for planning applications and weekly lists of planning applications received and determined.

7.5  Register of electors

There are two types of electoral register, the full register and the edited register. The registers cannot be accessed electronically.

Further information on the registers can be found on our website.

7.6  CCTV

Information regarding CCTV can be found on our website.

7.7  Disclosure logs

The Council maintains a log of all Freedom of Information requests received. A copy of this log is available when requested on a certain topic.

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