What Happens After the Consultation?

Within seven days after the completion of the seven-day consultation the Licensing Authority shall make a determination.

If there are no representations the licence shall be granted. You will receive the licence via email with a copy of the conditions. You must display the licence where it can be clearly seen on the premises.

If there are representations your application will be decided by an officer.  They may:

  • grant the licence as requested
  • make changes to what has been requested
  • add conditions to the licence or
  • refuse the licence.

If they refuse the licence this will be checked by a senior officer and you will receive notification of why your application has been refused.

If you hear nothing after the seven-day consultation period your licence is deemed granted with the conditions attached as advertised above. Your licence is deemed granted until 30 September 2023 unless changed by the Government or there are grounds for revocation (i.e. non-compliance with the conditions).  We have been informed that this scheme has been extended to 30 September 2024.

Last updated: 17/08/2023 07:14:35