Courier Fraud Involving Taxis

Are you being asked to take an elderly passenger to London, deliver a package on their behalf, or being asked to take them to the bank? 

Operation Radium is Norfolk Constabulary's response to what is termed 'Courier Fraud'. The offence can be varied but, in summary, it involves organised crime groups cold calling elderly residents and pretending to be Police Officers from a London Police Station, The Serious Fraud Office or similar. The elderly residents are then asked to assist undercover operations involving the victims bank and are being asked to withdraw large sums of cash.

This money is then either collected by a courier, or the victim uses a taxi to travel from Norfolk to London to deliver the money or meet the alleged Police Officers. There have also been occasions when taxi's have been used to transport the elderly victims to and from the bank. 

Norfolk Constabulary are asking that both taxi companies and taxi drivers are vigilant in regards to identifying these potential victims. Please contact the police if you have concerns. If you are concerned this is happening to your passenger, call Norfolk Police on 101 and quote 'Op Radium'.

Source:  Norfolk Constabulary

Last updated: 23/05/2024 11:43:54