Local Plan Full Update

Call for Sites

Between April and December 2022 the council undertook a Call for Sites consultation as part of the Update on the Local Plan. This is a way for landowners, developers, individuals, parish and town councils and other interested parties to suggest sites for development or for protection as Local Green Space. This is a normal part of plan making.  

We need to ensure that the sites eventually allocated within the Plan are deliverable. This means, among other factors, that the landowner is open to developing it within the required timescales. As such, a Call for Sites is an important part of finding out what land may be available. 

Responses to the Call for Sites are nowviewable on our new engagement platform at Commonplace (opens new window) .

There is no commentary from the Council about suitability of any sites, and just because a site has been submitted it does not mean it will form part of the new Local Plan.

We are not formally seeking consultation on the sites at this stage of the local plan-making process. 

Issues and Options

The Issues and Options consultation is an important part of the Local Plan process.

It is the first stage of public consultation, where the community is asked how they would like to tackle a range of planning issues and proposed options for the future development of the District.

The consultation does not identify potential development sites or draft policy working.

The Issues and Options consultation runs from March 10 to May 19 2023.

This consultation is now closed.

The Consultation Document 

The consultation document is made up of themed sections, setting out options for how we could approach the policy. There are questions alongside each section where you can respond to the suggestions made. Some questions were specifically open ended, particularly where planning policy development is at an early stage.

Introducing the 'Commonplace tool'

The Council has adopted a new tool 'Commonplace' to help with community engagement and promotion of key issues relating to the Local Plan.  This leading technology has been used successfully by a number of local authorities in their Local Plan processes, and we intend to use it as part of our approach to grow the reach and engagement with the Local Plan process.

There is the facility for anyone tosign up to our Commonplace site, (opens new window)  in order to receive updates and share information with the planning team. 

Evidence Base

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