Resident Survey

In June 2022, Members commissioned Lake Market Research to undertake a quantitative survey amongst a representative sample of 400 residents about local area/council perceptions and council priorities.

The questions were designed by the council and for comparison purposes, also included questions which are asked in the Quarterly National LGA Resident Survey and those that were asked in Norfolk Resident Survey conducted in 2019.

The survey was administered by telephone and took 10 minutes for residents to complete.

Demographic quotas were set for gender, age and working status in line with population statistics to ensure a representative sample of residents were interviewed.

The main headline from the survey is that the results, overall, are very positive and we are performing very well compared to other Local Authorities and within a challenging local and national government landscape. We are now using this as an opportunity to build on our current activity to maintain and improve upon these results going forward and ensure there are no gaps in our activity.

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Last updated: 22/12/2023 11:46:52