Loss of Utilities

In the event of a power outage or any other loss of utilities, there are some simple precautions you can take to help best prepare and deal with the situation:

Utilities include electricity, gas, water, sewers, and telecommunications. Loss of service can last a few hours, days or weeks depending on the severity of the incident. This can impact our local community by:

  • Disruption to essential services and activities
  • Leaving homes without heating or the ability to cook and/or keep food cold
  • Limited telecommunications

How to be prepared

Below are some ideas to help you prepare for such a situation:

  • keep a battery powered or wind-up torch or light at home
  • have a battery or wind-up radio in your home
  • have a home phone that doesn't need electricity (not cordless) in order to work
  • keep a list of important contact numbers and emergency contact numbers (not just stored in your mobile phone in case the battery runs out)
  • know where to turn off the gas, electricity and water in your home
  • keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours

Advice for Power cuts

Power cuts unfortunately sometimes do happen. UK Power Networks own and maintain electricity cables and mains across the East of England. They offer the following advice.

If your power goes off unexpectedly, check to see if your neighbours still have electricity. If their power is also off call 105 to report a power cut.

If your neighbours still have power but your home doesn't, it's likely there is a problem with the fuses or trip switches in your home.

Advice for loss of water supply

Burst water mains can lead to a loss of supply. Anglian Water supply water and water recycling services in the East of England. They offer the following advice:

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