Business Resilience

Preparing Your Business for an Emergency

What would you do if an incident occurred that prevented you from trading as normal? Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. Even a small disruption such as a power cut can affect normal operation of an organisation. A small disruption can lead to:

  • loss of staff
  • loss of premises or denial of access to your place of work
  • loss of technology or data
  • loss of your critical suppliers
  • loss of telecommunications or utilities

Business continuity is about thinking ahead, planning for any disruption and ensuring alternative arrangements are in place to enable you to recover more quickly. There are four key stages in a business continuity planning process:-

  1. Understanding your organisation
  2. Develop your response and recovery procedures (your plan)
  3. Continuously train your staff and exercising the procedures in your plan
  4. Maintain and review your plan.

For further guidance, resources and templates available to download visit the Norfolk Resilience Forum website (opens new window) .  Templates available to download include Business Continuity Plan, 10 Minute Business Continuity Assessment and Are You Cyber Ready

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