Planning Permission- Application Guide

If you need to obtain planning permission the following information will help to answer questions you may have during the application process.


Submitting an application

Can I submit the application myself?

What happens to my application?

Who will know about my application?

How long will it take?

How is a decision made about my application?

How do I find out what the decision is?

How do I appeal a decision?

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Submitting an application  Back To Top

If planning permission is required for your proposed, you will need to complete the appropriate application form and provide the necessary supporting documentation. Applications must be made using the Standard National Application Forms.

Applications can be made in the following ways

1 Electronic application via the Planning Portal

Applications can be made electronically to the Council using the Planning Portal. Using this method you will be taken through the application process step-by-step and the appropriate application form will be selected automatically.

If a fee is required with your application, this will need to be paid via cheque or by debit card.

2 Complete forms using the Planning Portal

Using this method you can use the Planning Portal to help you choose the correct application form and guide you through its completion. You can then print off the forms and send them to the Council, together with any supporting plans and documents. Two copies of each plan and document will be required.

3 Paper form

Applications can also be completed in the paper format and submitted by post. A number of variations of application forms are available depending on the type of permission being sought.

Please ensure you complete the appropriate form as failure to do so will result in the application being returned to you. Two copies of each plan and document will be required.

Application forms can be downloaded here.

Detailed guidance on additional information required with your application can be found on our Validation of Planning Applications page.


Can I submit the application myself?  Back To Top

You can submit applications yourself. However, unless you have experience in architectural design and a good understanding of construction, it is advised that you employ a qualified architect, surveyor or planning consultant to act as your agent.

If your application is straightforward you may be able to do the drawings yourself. However, they must be clear, accurate and drawn to scale.


What happens to my application?  Back To Top

When we receive your application it will be registered on our system. Your application will then be checked by a Validation Officer to ensure we have all the information we need.

We will then send you a letter confirming that the application has been validated or a letter requesting further information before the application is validated. Keep this letter safe, it has your planning application reference number on, as well as the date by which a decision should be made. Should you need to contact us, we will ask you for the reference number.

If you use an agent to act on your behalf, all contact will be made to them instead of you. All documentation will be sent to them, including the decision notice.

You can also check the progress of your application by checking online using our Planning Application Search function or contacting the Planning Officer dealing with the application via 01362 656873.


Who will know about my application? Back To Top

The council must meet certain publicity requirements before a decision can be made on an application. There are a number of methods that we use to inform people about applications that may affect them.

  • A site notice may be displayed near the application site.
  • People living near to the application site may be notified by letter of the application.
  • In some cases we will also put an advert in the local paper (Eastern Daily Press - usually on a Monday).
  • We also inform Parish and Town Councils about applications in their area.
  • We may notify other internal and external professional bodies of applications if specialist advice is required.
  • Your application will also be published on the Breckland Council website and can be viewed through the Planning Application Search facility.
  • Interested parties will have 21 days to make any comments.

For more information on public consultation, please view The  Icon for pdf Breckland Statement of Community Involvement [624.64KB] or view our Icon for pdf Public Consultation Process [20.31KB] .


How long will it take? Back To Top

We try to deal with as many as possible within eight weeks. Larger and more complicated applications take longer.


How is a decision made about my application? Back To Top

A Planning Officer will assess your application, taking into account relevant planning policy, site features and location, the effect of the proposed development on the location and any comments made during the consultation process. They will then decide whether to recommend that the application is approved or refused.

If your application is straightforward and meets our policies, the decision will likely be made through the recommendation of the Planning Manager to the Council. Most applications are dealt with in this way.

However, if certain criteria are met, the application will be decided by the Icon for pdf Planning Committee [117.43KB] .

PLEASE NOTE: Any views expressed by a Planning Officer representing the Council during negotiations on an application may not necessarily be followed by Senior Officers in their recommendation or by the ultimate decision made by the Council.


How do I find out what the decision is? Back To Top

A written notice giving the decision on your application will be sent to you (or your agent if you have one).

If your application is approved, there may be certain conditions that you have to comply with. This information is required before commencement of works by way of a Icon for pdf Discharge of Conditions [14.86KB]  application.

You must carry out the work exactly as shown on the approved plans. If you want to make changes to the approved plans, you must submit an Amendment application telling us what changes you wish to. You can contact us beforehand so that we can advise you accordingly of which type of application you will need to submit.


How do I appeal a decision? Back To Top

If your application is refused, you will be told the reasons why (grounds of refusal). You may want to make an appointment with us to discuss whether a different proposal might be acceptable.

However, you have the right to appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Any appeal must be within six months of the date of your refusal notice, in the case of Householder applications this will be twelve weeks.

Advice on how to appeal is on the last page of your refusal notice. For further information, or to submit an appeal, please visit the Planning Inspectorate Website.