Post-Decision Information

When you receive a decision on your application, there may be some requirements that you need to fulfil before starting the development or whilst the development is taking place. Below you will find information that will help you in fulfilling these requirements.

Discharge of Conditions

If you have been granted planning permission, there may be conditions on the permission that require information to be submitted to, and approved, by Council before the development can commence. These conditions are known as 'pre-commencement' conditions. The process of submitting the required information is known as discharging a condition.

An application will need to be made to discharge pre-commencement conditions and should be accompanied by supporting information to enable Council to confirm that the requirements of the condition(s) have been met.

Fees are £116 per application (or £34 for householder planning permission).

A request to discharge conditions may be made by letter, via thePlanning Portal.

Council is required to determine discharge of condition applications within 8 weeks of application validation.

An application may be made that seeks to discharge multiple conditions. Council will issue a decision notice for each condition that is sought to be discharged. Council's standard practice is to issue decision notices for all conditions that are subject of the application at the same time. If at this time Council is not satisfied that a condition is met, a 'no discharge' decision notice will be issued. Any subsequent application to discharge the subject condition will require the submission of a separate application and payment of a further application fee.

If a condition requires the written consent of a third party, such as the Highway Authority, Council will refer the application to that party for review. Council cannot discharge a condition if the third party has not confirmed in writing that the condition has been met. Applicants are therefore encouraged to contact third party authorities prior to submitting a condition discharge application.

Information required by certain conditions need to be reviewed by internal Council departments such as Environmental Health. Council will not determine applications until a referral response has been received from relevant internal departments confirming that the subject condition has been met.

A condition may have been imposed relating to landscaping that refers to the Icon for pdf Breckland Council Tree Pack [221.36KB]. Please view this for further information on what you're required to do.

If your development involves works to be done to Highways (Accesses, Kerbs, Pavements, Road etc.), a Highways condition may be imposed to do with work specifications. Please refer to the County Highways comments on the application for details on the Specifications you will be required to follow.

Street Name and Numbering

If your development involves the erection of new buildings, you will need to contactStreet Name and Numbering to arrange for addresses to be allocated to your property.

Amendments to Approved Applications

You must carry out the work exactly as shown on the approved plans. If you want to make changes to the approved plans, you must submit an Amendment application telling us what changes you wish to. It is recommended that you contact us beforehand so that we can advise you accordingly of which type of amendment application you will need to submit.


If your application is refused, you will be told the reasons why (grounds of refusal). You may want to make an appointment with us to discuss whether a different proposal might be acceptable.

However, you have the right to appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Any appeal must be within six months of the date of your refusal notice, in the case of Householder applications this will be twelve weeks.

Advice on how to appeal is on the last page of your refusal notice. For further information, or to submit an appeal, please visit the Planning Inspectorate Website.

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