Section 106 Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings

S106 Compliance

If you are seeking to determine if a S106 has been complied with please complete ourSection 106 Compliance Confirmation request. Please do not use this form to request copies of documents.  Responses may take up to 21 days depending on the complexity of the site/agreement.

Copy requests for S106 Agreements and Deeds of Variation should be directed to our Land Charges Team. Please follow this link to theLand Charges Document Request Form.

Apply for S106 recreational/open space funding

Apply Online for Section 106 Project Funding

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) & Developer Contribution Spreadsheets (CSV Files)

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) is an annual report. It provides a summary of all financial and non-financial developer contributions relating to Section 106 Legal Agreements and the following Developer Contribution Spreadsheets (CSV files). Further details, statements, and spreadsheets can be located on the following page:Infrastructure Funding Statement and Developer Contribution Spreadsheets.


Norfolk Green Infrastructure and Recreational impact Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (GIRAMS)

Provision of wheelie bins

The council has introduced a charge for the provision of wheelie bins and therefore the future occupant(s) of any new dwellings will be required to pay the necessary sum to the council for this facility. For developments of five or more dwellings, you, if you are a developer, are invited to enter into a legal agreement with the council to make provision for your future purchasers for this service. For more information please visit theRubbish and Recycling section of our website.

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