Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Breckland Safety Advisory Group (SAG) promotes public safety at events.

Key objectives of the group are to:

  • Ensure as much as possible that risk to public safety is minimised for all large scale public events
  • Maintain an overview of forthcoming events within the Breckland district area
  • Act in an advisory capacity to both the organiser of an event and other agencies/individuals involved
  • Provide a forum within which the Local Authority and other agencies may develop a co-ordinated approach to spectator safety
  • Advise and develop generic risk assessments/best practice where appropriate
  • Ensure that there are in existence agreed contingency plans for dealing with major incidents

The Breckland SAG is chaired by the Council's Licensing Team. Core members of the group include officers from:

  • Norfolk Constabulary
  • Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service
  • East of England Ambulance NHS Trust
  • Norfolk County Council Highway Authority
  • Breckland Council Emergency Planning
  • Breckland Council Environmental Health
  • Breckland Council Licensing

If you require further information please contact us by phone on 01362 656870.

Guidance for planning a public event

Please note that the Breckland SAG does not grant permission to hold events on Council or other land or issue licences. The landowner's consent must always be sought and agreed.

To inform the Breckland SAG of any large-scale event taking place in the Breckland Council area that is intended to attract more than 500 people in total, you are able to complete an online event notification form (see below). This then helps the various agency members of the Breckland SAG to co-ordinate their advice to event organisers at the right time, when event plans are being developed. Please ensure you attach your risk assessment to the form before submitting.

Event organisers are encouraged to followThe Purple Guide (opens new window) to Health, Safety and Welfare at music and other events and consult Breckland's own event safety guide (PDF) [99KB] (opens new window) .

The Breckland SAG has also produced an  event management plan template (Word doc) [95KB] (opens new window) that will help event organisers consider aspects of event planning that may need to be considered.

The HSE have launched a new safety micro site aimed athelping organisers run events safely (opens new window).

Event organisers may also need to considerevent security (opens new window) and the latest terrorist threats. The latest guidance on recognising the terrorist threat and remaining vigilant can be accessed through the National Counter Terrorism Office (opens new window). Further information is available: Norfolk Constabulary (PDF) [40KB] (opens new window) .

There is also Guidance on Public Highway Closures (opens new window) and should these be needed the necessary form can be downloaded from this site.

The following information sources might be useful. These are all free downloads:

Will your entertainment event include the erection of temporary structures, such as:

  • Concert staging
  • TV camera gantry towers
  • Theatre productions

If so, new Construction (Design and Management) Regulation guidance (opens new window) has been launched by HSE to help duty holders in the entertainment industry. This will help them understand what they need to do to comply with these Regulations.

Safety Alert: HSE have become aware of an electrical safety issue with a particular design of fan blower used typically to inflate play equipment and advertising inflatable's [July 2013]. Please make enquiries if you propose to have this type of equipment at your event - full details are available on the HSE Safety Bulletin Advice website (opens new window)

Please be aware that organisers of any event need to ensure that there are safe and sufficient water supplies for all people attending events including food handlers.

BS 8551 is a new standard that provides a framework for best practice in the management of temporary wholesome water supplies and maintenance of the distribution networks and container vessels. It demonstrates all the procedural steps that should be carried out when supplying water as well as the due diligence required in relation to water, health and safety laws. It also serves as a code of good practice for a range of events and temporary supply situations, including:

  • festivals
  • the deployment of temporary water supplies in circumstances where mains water is unavailable
  • construction sites where temporary water supplies are commonplace

BS 8551 is suitable for: festival and event organisers, venue operators/installation engineers, portable water suppliers and mobile/outside caterers.

BS 8551 gives recommendations and guidance on various matters, including how to:

  • gauge a wholesome supply
  • connect to permanent distribution pipe work for extraction purposes
  • avoid contamination risks
  • store and ensure quality of bottled water stocks intended for temporary supply

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