Taxi Licensing Fees

Please see below table detailing fees for each licence type:

Type of Licence

FeePre-Application FeeLicence Fee
Taxi Driver Grant£235.00* £100.00£135.00
Taxi Driver Renewal£235.00*£100.00£135.00
Enhanced DBS Application£40.00  
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Grant£235.00*£85.00£150.00
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Renewal£215.00*£75.00£140.00
Private Hire Vehicle Grant£180.00*£85.00£95.00
Private Hire Vehicle Renewal£165.00*£85.00£80.00
Private Hire Operator Grant£415.00*£105.00£310.00
Private Hire Operator Renewal£415.00*£105.00£310.00
Trailer Permission Grant£165.00*£85.00£80.00
Trailer Permission Renewal£165.00*£85.00£80.00
Transfer Vehicle to new owner£50.00  
Replacement Stickers (all types)£45.00  
Replacement Driver Badge£50.00  
Replacement/Updated Taxi Licences£25.00  
Replacement Vehicle Plate£50.00  
Replacement Internal Shields£35.00  
Magnetic Bracket£65.00  
Replacement Platform£40.00  

Note - The application fee is non-refundable once an application has been submitted

 *If you pay the full fee in the types of licence above marked with * and the licence is not granted/renewed or you withdraw the application, the licence fee portion only will be refunded.

Last updated: 27/04/2022 16:09:26