Hackney Carriage Vehicle

A Hackney Carriage Vehicle can be hired from a taxi rank, hailed in the street or can be pre-booked. The licence lasts for one year.

Some of our requirements to consider before licensing your vehicle as a Hackney Carriage are:

  • Once a vehicle is licensed as a Hackney Carriage Vehicle it can only be driven by a driver licensed by Breckland Council.
    • Ourdriver's licence entitles you to drive both a Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles.
  • The vehicle must be checked by our Licensing Team to ensure it is suitable for licensing as a Hackney Carriage Vehicle before it is tested at one of our approved garages (PDF) [24KB] (opens new window)  to achieve a Certificate of Compliance.
    • The vehicle must have at least four passenger seats.
    • The vehicle must have a fire extinguisher on board.
    • The vehicle must have a first aid kit on board.
    • The vehicle cannot have a roof or boot rack installed.
    • The vehicle must display a 'taxi' top light and have a fare meter installed (this must be calibrated to the Breckland fare chart).
  • The vehicle must have a valid Certificate of Insurance which must include the words 'public hire' or 'hackney carriage'.
  • A fee Taxi Licensing Fees is payable, you are able to pay by debit card or credit card.
  • An appointment must be made in order for you to licence a new Hackney Carriage Vehicle by contacting us on 01362 656870 or emailing the (licensingteam@breckland.gov.uk).
    • You will be required to provide:
      • A completed application form.
      • An MOT certificate (for vehicles over 12 months of age).
      • Mechanical Test form (please note for vehicles over eight years old, the Mechanical Test must be conducted every six months; vehicles under eight years old must pass an annual test).
      • V5 registration document or supplement.
      • Insurance certificate, which must have cover for Hackney Carriage use.
      • Payment by debit card or cheque.
    •  Your vehicle will be issued with a licence, rear plate, internal shield and side stickers (which must be permanently displayed on the vehicle) and the licence will last for one year.

It is illegal for a driver to refuse to carry a guide or assistance dog unless the driver has a medical exemption certificate issued by the council.  Drivers that refuse to carry a guide or assistance dog and do not have an exemption certificate could face a fine of up to £1,000 following a conviction at the Magistrates Court.

All Hackney Carriages, Private Hire Vehicles and Operator's Booking Offices are required to be smoke-free, please read our information and guidance on smoke free environments (PDF) [35KB] (opens new window) .

For the full conditions of licensing a Hackney Carriage Vehicle please refer to the Taxi Licensing page.

If you are happy to licence the vehicle as a Hackney Carriage, please request theHackney Carriage application form.

If you would prefer the documents to be posted to you, please use ouronline general enquiry form and we will be happy to help.

You may want to licence your vehicle as a Private Hire Vehicle, are you aware ofwhat the difference is between a Hackney Carriage and a Private Hire Vehicle?.

    Last updated: 07/04/2022 16:22:29