How do I apply for a licence?

Before completing the form make sure you have all the supporting documentation ready - applications without all supporting documents will not be accepted:

  • Basic Criminal record, no older than three months old on the date of application, this can be obtained fromDisclosure and Barring Service (opens new window) .
  • The appropriate fee (see table below. We will contact you to arrange payment).
  • A passport size photograph for a collectors licence.
  • Photographic ID for both licences, such as Passport or DVLA driving licence photo card. If you do not have a passport or DVLA driving licence photo card, you will be required to get a photo endorsed as a true likeness by a solicitor, notary, lecturer or other professional person ( Photograph Endorsement Sheet (PDF) [38KB] ).
  • Plan of the site showing the area to be licensed - where the scrap metal business will be taking place (Scrap Metal Site Licence only)
  • From 4 April 2022:
    • When applying to become a Scrap Metal Collector or Scrap Metal Site for the first time you need to confirm to us that you are aware of your tax responsibilities. This is also the case if you have already held one of these licence types but it has not been valid for a year or more. Confirmation that you understand your tax responsibilities is contained in the Breckland Council application form. You canread further guidance on the HMRC website (opens new window) . If you do not confirm you are aware of the guidance, you will not be issued with a Licence.
    • When applying to renew your Scrap Metal Collector or Scrap Metal Site Licence you will need to provide us with a HMRC tax check code. This is to ensure you are registered with the HMRC for tax purposes, if necessary. The tax check code is valid for 120 days. This code can be added to the Breckland Council application form in the relevant section. You will need to register for a Government Gateway user ID and password if you don't already have one. You will also need to know the following information:
      • When you first got your licence.
      • The length of your most recent licence.
      • How you pay tax on the income you earn from your licensed trade.
    • You will not be able to complete the tax check if the information you give about your tax affairs does not match HMRC's records. You canread further guidance on renewals on the HMRC website (opens new window) If you do not provide a HMRC check code before the expiry of your licence, you will not be issued with a new licence.
Licensable activityFee

Scrap  Metal Site Licence - New


Scrap Metal Collector Licence - New


Scrap  Metal Site Licence - Renewal


Scrap Metal Collector Licence - Renewal

Other Charges 
Change of Licence (site)£125
Change of licence (collector)£55
Variation to licensed site£275
Change of site manager£40
Variation change from site to collector£215
Variation change from collector to site£355
Copy of licence (site)£25
copy of licence (collector)£55

Complete and submit theScrap Metal Dealers new/renewal licence application form and above documents by email ( or post.

Please also email the Licensing team using the above address if you have any questions about the application form.

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