Restricted 18 (R18) films

R18 (classified by the British Board of Film Classification) is a special and legally restricted classification primarily for explicit works of consenting sex or strong fetish material involving adults.  Films may only be shown to adults in specially licensed cinemas, and video works may be supplied to adults only in licensed sex shops.  'R18' video works may not be supplied by mail order.

Meaning of a sexual entertainment venue

A sexual entertainment venue means:

"Any premises at which relevant entertainment is provided before a live audience for financial gain of an organiser.  For the purposes of the Act it does not matter whether the financial gain arises directly or indirectly from the performance or display of nudity."

Relevant entertainment means:

(a) Any live performance; or

(b) Any live display of nudity;

Which is of such a nature that, ignoring financial gain, it must reasonably be assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purpose of sexually stimulating any member of the audience (whether by verbal or other means).  An audience includes an audience of one.

A display of nudity means:

(a) In the case of a woman, exposure of her nipples, pubic area, genitals or anus; and

(b) In the case of a man, exposure of his pubic area, genitals or anus.

An organiser means:

Any person who is responsible for the organisation or management of

(a) The relevant entertainment; or

(b) The premises.

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