New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan is at the examination stage.

Dates of each stage

  • Plan Area Designation: 30/03/17
  • Pre-submission plan consultation started: 21/12/19
  • Submission plan consultation started: 16/07/21
  • Examination started: 15/10/21
  • Date of Referendum: N/A
  • Date Plan 'Made': N/A


The Examination started on the 15/10/21 and the Independent Examiner (Andrew Ashcroft) issued information about the Examination.

These documents and the responses are found on the New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Submission Consultation (Reg.16)

The Breckland Council conducted the submission consultation, which started on 16/07/21 and closed on 09/09/21.  

These documents are found on the top half of Consultation on New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan (Reg.16).

Environmental Assessment

These documents are produced to meet some of the requirements of the 'Basic Conditions', which are tested in the Examination of the Plan.

These documents are found on the bottom half of Consultation on New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan (Reg.16).

Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg.14)

New Buckenham Parish Council conducted their pre-submission consultation, which started on 21/12/19 and closed on 14/02/20.

Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation

New Buckenham Parish Council applied to designate a neighbourhood area on 04/01/17.

Parishes included within the neighbourhood area: New Buckingham and part of Old Buckenham (Buckenham Castle)

Consultation was held on this area designation due to the boundary extending outside the Parish area boundary. The comments deadline was 03/03/17.

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