Business and Growth

The Council contributes to and supports the development of the local economy directly through economic development and a range of services such as Planning, Land & Property and Environmental Services. Economy & Growth are dedicated to providing the highest level of support for your business, providing both strategic and project-based work in order to deliver services for individuals, communities and businesses across the district. 

Economy and Growth is a team focused on ensuring that any business that wishes to move into Breckland, grow within the District or start their business journey can be assisted with any aspect of achieving their success. 

Economy & Growth is split into 3 teams:

Business Development  - This team are here to support any business assisting with grant applications, planning applications, various licensing enquiries, sign-posting to various organisations for direct business queries, commercial property requests and more. We are able to assist with your skills queries, apprenticeships and training.  The team are keen to visit businesses so we can fully understand the processes that they have and also gain an understanding of the current issues they are facing and any growth plans. 

Placemaking and Partnerships - The team are passionate about making improvements and future proofing our towns and villages for the benefit of our communities. Driving forward the Council's placemaking and urban regeneration vision 'Future Breckland', the team works in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders to deliver initiatives which enhance our five market towns, with the aim to transition Breckland for the future.

Strategic Growth - The team are responsible for identifying, and delivering, a range of targeted, tactical interventions throughout the district to enable and accelerate clean, inclusive and sustainable economic growth which is needed to improve the standard of living and quality of life of local residents; bring greater resilience to fluctuations in the global and national economy; and create investment in infrastructure, services and facilities. This in turn presents opportunities to enhance the quality of the natural and built environment.

Last updated: 23/01/2024 10:27:05