Business Support and Talent

The Business Development team are focussed on Recovery and Growth of the businesses within our District.  The Covid Pandemic has made us think how quickly the world can change and how important certain aspects of our life are.

The impact that this has had on our district alone has meant we had to review our approach to supporting the businesses within Breckland.

Recovery of our high streets, ensuring economic growth and enabling the skills needed to encourage the growth is at the forefront of our support. 

Having been reactive to business requirements throughout 2020-21 we need to be more proactive and put the needs of our businesses and their customers at the front of any strategic decisions that are made.

We have always believed we have delivered a good service to any business that has asked for assistance.  Whether that be sign-pointing to various organisations for direct business queries, assisting with grant applications, planning applications, various licensing enquiries, commercial property requests and more we have taken the time to digest the queries that have come in and feel that we can improve what we can offer and give assistance with.

Are you looking for support as a new business?  For growth of your existing business?  Want to upskill your staff or hire an apprentice?  We believe that all the information you need can be found within our web pages.  However, if you prefer to get in touch for a more personal discussion, please do this via  

We have created a Business Directory for the Independent Shops within our five Market Towns and surrounding villages.  To find that something special near you please visitShopping in Breckland

Last updated: 02/11/2021 16:03:54