Green Community Grants

Fund Purpose

The Fund has been set up to support communities in Breckland to take action for themselves, with the aim of promoting environmental sustainability and creating positive behavioural change in response to climate change. The fund can also support school projects which encourage pupils to take action for the environment.

How much is available?

The fund will award: -

  • Approximately 80 small grants of £500
  • Approximately 6-12 large grants of between £5,000-£10,000


  • Applications will open on Monday 13th July.
  • Closing date for applications is Sunday 12th September.
  • We might be in touch before the 12th of September, if we need extra information regarding your application.
  • If you do not get an email from us before the 12th of September you will be contacted on the 4th of October if your application has been successful. 
  • All applications will then be considered, and awards will be made by 4th October.

Who can apply?

We will consider applications from the following: -

  • Breckland Community Groups
  • Breckland Schools
  • Businesses in Breckland
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Local Breckland Charities


The project being put forward for a grant must demonstrate that it will lead a positive behavioural change towards climate change reduction or environmental sustainability. It must benefit a community in Breckland.

We do not want to inhibit creativity so we will consider all application but here are some examples of potential projects we would consider funding: -

  1. Projects that enable residents to find solutions to environmental problems.
  2. Projects that aim to reduce litter and waste.
  3. Projects that target the reduction of energy or water use.
  4. Projects that support more environmental ways of travelling to and from work or school.
  5. Projects that look to improve the energy efficiency of a community building/asset, for example by improving insulation or installing a green energy source.
  6. Community and School composting schemes.
  7. Projects that promote the increase of biodiversity or protect natural habitats.
  8. Events that promote better education of the community on sustainability
  9. Carbon literacy training for the community
  10. Projects that enable the community to take action for themselves to protect and improve their local environment.
  11. Projects that promote growing your own food
  12. Projects that promote a more circular economy by prevent waste and promoting reuse.

The Fund is unable to support:

  1. Projects that do not demonstrate improvements to the environment.
  2. Outdoor play/sports facilities.
  3. Animal rescue charities e.g. seal rescue charities
  4. Village/town beautification initiatives such as 'In Bloom' competitions.
  5.  School education trips and cultural visits.

How to apply

This scheme has now closed.

Last updated: 13/09/2021 10:19:03