Breckland Mindful Towns

Three white hand-drawn houses on a blue background and wording Breckland Mindful Towns
Breckland Council, in collaboration with the Breckland Mental Health Community Partnership (BMHCP), is endeavouring to make Breckland a more 'Mindful District' and enable a community-led approach to mental health. 

We want to assist our parish communities in achieving 'Mindful Town' or 'Mindful Village' status through our free mental health training programme. This will also provide opportunities to develop mindfully-focused community activity within local areas.

Over the past 18 months, we have developed a network of locally trained Wellbeing Champions, who sit within a wide variety of community groups and organisations, from parkruns to parish councils, that can safely hold sensitive conversations with anyone that might be in need of help or mental health support. These trained volunteers can direct people towards appropriate support with empathy and help people avoid a mental health crisis by accessing support sooner.

The BMHCP was established by Breckland Council in May 2021, as a partnership of four organisations. Information on the other three organisations can be found below:

Becoming a Community Champion   Becoming a Mindful Town or Village   Our Mindful Towns and Villages


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