Appeal a planning decision

Information on the planning appeal process

Who can appeal?

You can appeal our decision to:

  • refuse planning permission
  • grant planning permission subject to conditions to which you don't agree with

To appeal you'll need to be the person who applied for the permission.

Appeals will usually be determined by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

Make an appeal

Making an appeal against a planning decision is a difficult process.Guidance can be found on the Planning Portal (opens new window), and has a helpfulPlanning appeals guidance booklet (opens new window)

The simplest way tosubmit a planning appeal is online via the Planning Portal website. (opens new window)

Appeal a planning decision

If you're unable to appeal online, please contact The Planning Inspectorate who will send you a form.

Appeal time frame

You must submit an appeal within six months of our decision.

Please see the notes attached to your decision notice for details on how to appeal conditions.

Appeal cost

You don't have to pay to make a planning appeal, but there may be expenses (for example, if you use an agent).

The time and money it takes to make an appeal depends on how difficult the appeal is. There are three methods of appeal:

  • written representation
  • informal hearing
  • public enquiry

The Planning Inspectorate will decide which process will be used, but in all cases the Inspector will visit the site to judge the effect of the proposal.

Viewing appeals

You are able tosearch for appeals using the online search application page.

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