Corporate Feedback

Corporate Complaints

If you have raised an issue with a service before and do not feel that this has been adequately dealt with then you may wish to submit a formal complaint to the council.

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receipt.

We aim to resolve complaints as quickly and simply as possible. Our principle is to provide a high-quality response which resolves the issues raised by the complainant and finds a suitable outcome.

When responding to Corporate Complaints the following time scales will apply.

  • Stage 1 complaints - 15 working days of receipt 
  • Stage 2 complaints - 20 working days from receipt of escalation request 

In some circumstances we may require a longer investigation time, in this instance we will contact you to advise of the new timescale.

If you use this form as a request for a service that is made for the first time. For example, if you report your neighbours for making a noise or a missed bin this will be referred directly to the service as a service request. The council will not respond to you through our complaints procedure. 

If you have a comment or general feedback to provide, pleasecontact us using our general enquiry form.

Seehow the council will deal with your complaint.

Last updated: 02/06/2023 16:52:07