Accessibility at Polling Stations

A range of support will be available for voters with disabilities at our polling stations.

All of our polling stations are accessible to wheelchair users and ramps are provided where necessary.

At the polling station you will be able to use:

  • Polling booths adapted for wheelchair users
  • Chairs for those voters who need to sit down whilst voting
  • A range of equipment to assist voters which include:
    • large hand held ballot papers which can be taken into the polling booth to assist you
    • tactile voting devices for blind or partially sighted voters
    • magnifiers
    • pencil grips and full length pencils
  • Our staff are fully trained and will be wearing badges and they can give you support where needed
  • The Presiding Officer can assist you to complete your ballot paper if you need help

Support for voters with learning disabilities or autism

Mencap have joined forces withMy Vote My Voice (opens new window) who are bringing together different charities to campaign to remove voting barriers.

Taking someone to the polling station to help you to vote

If you need support from a friend, colleague, family member or carer, you can bring them with you to the polling station.

The person must be over 18 and will need to fill out a short form to log that they have helped you.

They could explain what you need to do, help you read information about the candidates or help you get around the polling station.

Alternatively, our polling station staff are trained to give you support if you need it. Just ask the people at the desk for the help you need.


Last updated: 20/03/2023 12:32:07