Community Resilience

Emergencies can occur within a community which can cause disruption, such as severe weather, surface water flooding, gas leaks, fires, major traffic incidents, mass power failure and more widely health pandemics, like Flu and Covid19.

Community resilience is about using existing networks, local knowledge and resources to help support each other and the vulnerable during emergencies.

Get Involved: Create a Community Resilience Plan

A plan helps people prepare for an emergency, organises neighbourly help during the incident, makes appropriate links to emergency services and local authorities, and assists with recovery after the event. It details those members of your community who can offer support or specialist skills, equipment that may be available locally and an awareness of those members of your community who will need help most in an emergency.

More information on Community Resilience can be found on the

If your community would like to create a plan, download the following templates to help you get started. You can also contact our Emergency Planning Team for more information and support or to arrange a visit from our team to talk you through developing your plan.

Building Community Resilience

Here are other ways you can support your community.

Neighbourhood Watch scheme (opens new window) - to bring neighbours together to build safer and more inclusive communities (neighbourly watch).

Norfolk Good Neighbours Network (opens new window) - to link people up who need help, with a member of the community who would like to help.

You can also prepare as a household, spending a few minutes putting together a household emergency plan. Think about important contacts and friends you could call on in the event of an evacuation and putting together a grab bag. Find more tips on the Norfolk Prepared website.

Useful links:

Norfolk Prepared (opens new window) - The Norfolk Resilience Forum has information on preparing  for specific risks, guidance and community plan templates.

Communities Prepared (opens new window) - provide guidance and resources on Community Emergency Planning

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