Inspection and enforcement

What should I expect?

Enforcement policy

While the council aims to work with business to ensure that required standards are achieved, inevitably it will be necessary to take enforcement action on occasions. The purpose of the Policy is to set out the guiding principles by which legislation will be enforced by the council to protect public health, safety, amenity and the environment within Breckland.

Corporate Enforcement Policy (PDF) [102KB] (opens new window)

Food hygiene inspections

Officers in the Food, Health & Safety Team are responsible for monitoring hygiene standards in over 1,200 food businesses in Breckland. The frequency of inspection varies from six months to three years depending upon a number of factors that are assessed at the time of every main inspection.

In the great majority of cases, contraventions are dealt with informally where an educative approach is taken, with follow-up inspections to check progress. In more serious cases, Officers may resort to the use of Improvement Notices, Remedial Action Notices, Simple Cautions, Prosecution and/or Seizure or Detention of food. Where there is deemed to be an imminent risk to health, premises may be closed by use of Emergency Prohibition powers.

Book or enquire about our additional advisory inspection and advice service. Please note that this service is offered for a fee.

Health and Safety visits

Officers in the Food, Health and Safety team are responsible for monitoring occupational health and safety standards in over 2,000 businesses in Breckland. High-risk premises are inspected every 12 months.

Learn what to expect when an inspector callsĀ on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website (opens new window).

Health and Safety law is enforced by inspectors from the HSE or by inspectors from your local authority.

Inspectors have the right to enter any workplace without giving notice, though notice may be given where the inspector thinks it is appropriate. On a normal inspection visit an inspector would expect to look at the workplace, the work activities, your management of health and safety, and to check that you are complying with health and safety law.

The inspector may offer guidance or advice to help you. They may also talk to employees and their representatives, take photographs and samples, serve improvement notices and take action if there is a risk to health and safety which needs to be dealt with immediately.

For further advice,contact our Food, Health and Safety team using our online form.

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