Food Complaints

The Food, Health & Safety Team is responsible for investigating a wide variety of food-related complaints, including where products have been bought or manufactured in Breckland.

Who to complain to?

First consider if you may need to contact a different local authority, e.g. if the food was purchased from and/or eaten at premises located outside of the Breckland Council area. Also, if there is an issue with the advertisement of a product or an issue with the labelling of a product (including food allergens) please contactTrading Standards at Norfolk County Council.

Is it a Food Hygiene or a Food Complaint?

Are you wanting to raise Food Hygiene Complaint about unhygienic conditions, for example staff not washing their hands, filthy food premises, poor storage of food waste etc? Or, are you wanting to make a Food Item Complaint about an actual item of food that may, for example, be contaminated with metal, plastic, glass, chemical taint etc?

If so, please refer to the respective advice sections below,which includes information on how we investigate your complaint.

Compensation: Please note, if you feel you should have compensation from the food business, Breckland Council cannot get involved. The business owner or manufacturer should be contacted directly by you.

Last updated: 19/05/2020 09:55:39